Friday, 25 July 2014

How Are You???

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Hello readers!!

I've installed a playlist on this blog. I was quite boring seeing my blog. Just empty like that. BUT, don't worry, my playlist was not autoplay playlist k! So,you'll not terkejut beruk when you open my blog..bahaha..

Well, as the title asks, "How Are You???"
My answer is, I'm just fine. Em..not really.

Recently there was many shocking news happen, especially this year. You know what I mean right?

First, we started with the mystery of MH370. I don't want to tell you more stories about it, you can google it yourself.

Second, the MH17 incident. Still under investigation. And you can google it to find more details about that sad incident to the Malaysian and others involve country.

Third, the Palestine. I just can pray for all the Muslim brothers and sisters there in Gaza. Keep strong. Allah is always there for you.

Fourth, the Sabah. Although (I think) there's no official news about the Sulu wants to attack Sabah, I heard that the 'perintah berkurung' have been announced. I saw the police report about that from the social media but not sure about its truth. My sister lived there in Felda Sahabat, of course I am worried!

And, about I can't go back to Sabah because of the flight ticket was sold out. This is my first time to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri without family. Actually I'll stay with my brother at his home. 

Hello, I am Asffa! I was stuck in here.
That's why I can't go back to Sabah!!
Help me go out of hereeeee!!

Happy reading and thank you!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Lama tak update :(

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 Time ramadhan dah nak habis baru aku update belog kan. Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.. Aku bukannya sengaja nak tinggalkan belog ni lama-lama. Kadang-kadang aku jenguk jugak, tapi takda mood nak update. Arhh! Tak usah kau banyak berdalih lagi, kalau dah pemalas tu, pemalas lah jugak! Hahaha..

Raya dah nak dekat ni, aku nak mintak maaf kalau banyak tersilap dan tersalah. Biasalah kalau menaip sesuka hati tak sedar ada hati yang tersakiti. Ceh..

Aku sebenarnya ingat nak buat sambungan untuk previous entri. Tapi, nanti dulu lah. Sekarang pun aku tengah menaip lelaju seperti Turbo. Eh eh..bukan Turbo group Jong Kook k..

Ok. I hope that I'll update new entry as soon as possible!


Happy reading and thank you!!


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